VIN Search of the Car

VIN Search of the Car

Honda VIN plate example
Honda VIN plate example

In today’s article, we will talk all about VIN and its search and how and in what circumstances it is beneficial for you to do a VIN search of a car.

  • What is VIN?

VIN is an abbreviated form of Vehicle Identification Number. VIN is a globally recognized number and is a unique form of code that is used by automotive industries to identify the vehicle. Another word used for VIN is a chassis number.

  • What is VIN used for in Cars?

As we said before, VIN is a special form of an identification of the car however, VIN is a lot different from license plate number based on many things, as:

  1. Place of the Attachment:

A License plate number is attached at the back and front of the vehicle and is easily seen by people and onlookers. VIN on the other hand is mostly found:

  1. On the Dashboard
  2. On the Engine
  • On the frame of the driver’s side Door jamb
  1. Inside of the Driver’s side Door jamb
  • VIN contains what information?

VIN contains many series of information that can prove itself to be useful for you, information such as:

  • Ownership of the Past:

VIN contains information about all of the past ownerships that the car had. This will obviously also include the total number of owners the car had in the past.

  • Odometer Readings:

VIN also provides the person with the information about the total distance that the vehicle has travelled. This will let you know about the condition of the car, its life expectancy and also how hard the car has been driven.

  • Lien on the vehicle:

VIN also contains information about the possible lien on the vehicle in question. Lien means that the vehicle is owned by some other person and will be given to you after that person’s debt is paid in full.

  • History of any possible accidents:

VIN will let you know if that car was involved in any serious accident such as:

  1. Accident reports
  2. Flood damage


  • Title history:

VIN will let you know if some person is the original owner of that car based on the car’s title history.

  • Benefits of doing a VIN search:

There are certain situations where doing a simple VIN search will protect you from any possible future problems or troubles.

  • Beware of the Thieves:

As VIN is a special code that globally recognizes a car, in case of any trade with used cars you should always do a quick VIN search to guarantee that the person selling you that car is the rightful owner of it.

  • Condition of the Car:

VIN search is mostly done when a person is going to buy a used car from someone. By doing a VIN search you can easily know about the condition and life expectancy of that car. As we highlighted before, VIN includes series of information such as:

  1. History of any car accident
  2. Flood damage
  3. Total distance the car has travelled